Mixer ( Round - Barrel Type )
Mixer ( Round - Barrel Type )
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  • This machine can mix many kinds of material. It is specially equipped with high speed motor & diffusion tool , which can mix material more evenly in a short time. No residual heat and no to damage to the quality of mixed material.
  • This machine can diffuse lump material more quickly.
  • Suitable for mixing car-brake material, diffusing fiber glass, ferrite, chemical raw materials and textile fiber etc.
Model Feeding Capacity Mixing Weight Main Power Auxiliary Power Machine Size Machine Weight
CL-Z60 30~40L 20kg 7.5HP 5HPx1 1600x800x1200mm 550kg
CL-Z200 70~140L 100kg 7.5HP 7.5HPx1 3000x1200x1800mm 1000kg
CL-Z600 200~400L 300kg 15~20HP 10HPx2 3400x1400x2100mm 1500kg
CL-Z800 300~600L 400kg 20~30HP 10HPx2 3800x1550x2200mm 2300kg
CL-Z1000 400~700L 500kg 30~40HP 10HPx2 4100x1600x2250mm 3600kg
CL-Z1500 500~1100L 750kg 40~50HP 10HPx3 4350x1700x2300mm 3200kg
CL-Z2000 700~1400L 1000kg 50~60HP 10HPx3 4650x1850x2400mm 4000kg
CL-Z3000 1100~2100L 1500kg 60~75HP 10HPx4 4900x1950x2500mm 5000kg
CL-Z4000 1400~2800L 2000kg 75~100HP 10HPx4 5200x2100x2700mm 6000kg
Compound Weight Depends on Materials.