Professional Complete Equipment Installation System For TPE
Professional Complete Equipment Installation System For TPE
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Professional Complete Equipment Installation System For TPE Feature
Products of TPE(s) had a great many of characteristics, such as strong weather resistance, high degree of transparency, plasticity and dilatability, medical care and food hygiene(in Line with the FDA and transparency) and the electrical characteristics of good and so on. It was because of its unique advantage that it was adopted widely. For example, it was adopted in such industries as medical appliance, sporting equipment, automobile parts, cables and cores. And it was used in the water pipe stuffing, plastic pipe linker and common tube. What's more, it could be developed of special formulation that would meet requires of various industries. In addition, it would replace PVC and the plastics and rubber materials. Products of TPE could be 100% reused, which greatly reduced the processing cost. Therefore, they became the latest material that took the place of traditional rubber and the latest environmental friendly material. All the materials have the detection of prove and welcome to inquire.
  • SBS
  • SEBS
  • TPV
  • TPU: Hot melt Adhesive
  • TPEE
We focus on the development and production of TPE、SEBS、TPV、TPU、TPEE、PP modified plastics and kinds of composite additives, we have professional engineers on materials processing and status of the proposed exclusion of experience, to provide you with the most efficient and cost-saving service quality, ensure the stability of products, and customers can also be tailored to specific products and the goal, look forward to working with you work together to create a win-win situation.
TPE merit
  • The available ordinary thermoplastic uses the formation equipment processes, such as: the injection molding, the compression formation, the extrusion molding and so on.
  • Do not use the vulcanize, but takes shape fast, raises the production efficiency saves the energy application domain to be broader may use in the plastic easy the enhancement.
  • Saves the energy.
  • The application domain is broader.
  • Can be used to strengthen plastics, toughening modification.
  • Easy to process shader and color.
  • Recycle and -re-use, to achieve environmental protection requirements.