Complete Installations of Pulverizer Series

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G Type Complete Installation of Pulverizers

Pulverizers are made by Chyau Long with high efficiency and quality to meet users' various requirements. The perfect performance and resemblance can be used for a wide range of raw materials, like HDPE, LDPE, flexible/ rigid PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polyester, copolymers, fluoropolymers and synthetic rubber etc. The above-mentioned raw materials are pulverized into 0.1mm to 2mm quality power for best flow with a specially developed disc mill. Our machines not only increase the additional value to the material but also upgrade the material itself. For your satisfaction, you are welcome to have a free test on the machines before procurement.
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GR Type Complete Installation of Rotating Pulverizers

This pulverizer is suitable for many materials; for example: plastic, wood, rice/ wheat husk, mineral, clay, power metallurgy, and so on.
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GU Type Rubber Pulverizer Unit

This pulverizer is suitable for all types of rubber and soft plastic materials.
For example, recycled tires and malleable rubber etcs.
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GH Type Hammer Pendulum - Type Milling Machines

Lump Breaking (Food, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Glass…etc.)
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Smashing, Pulverizing Entire Wrap Flow Equipment

  • Processing of PVC & Wood From Crushing to Pulverising
  • Wood plastic Compound Profiles Made Form Rice Hull, Coconut Husk or Coffee Shell & Recycle PE
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