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Plastic Agglomerator CL-MP SERIES


This agglomerator is made by Chyau Long to meet various user needs. The advantages of excellent efficiency and quality, perfect working performance and resemblance; they can also be used for a wide range of raw materials, such as easy-flow powder, high-molecular chemical industry, bio-technology, synthetic resin, ceramic products, and powder metallurgy etc. The above mentioned raw materials are friction heat or by spray binder liquid to compound them into 0.5~20mm round pellets. Our machines not only increase your profit, but also improve the quality of your product.


Model Capacity Tank Capacity Mixing Weight Main Power Auxiliary Power Machine Size Machine Weight
CL-MP200 - 70~140L - 10HP‧4P - 1700x900x1500mm 1000kg
CL-MP400 - 150-300L - 15HP‧4P - 1850x1050x1600mm 1200kg
CL-MP600 - 200-400L - 20HP‧4P - 2050x1300x1750mm 1500kg