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CL-MM Vertical Mixer


Used for mixing dye, chemical raw materials, car brake material, for diffusing fiber glass, ferrite, cement with sand and dye, and for mixing stabilizer and metallurgic powder etc.
This machine can mix many kinds of material. It is equipped with high speed motor and diffusion tool, which can mix material more evenly in a short time, while causing no residual heat and no damage to the quality of mixed material.
This machine can diffuse lump material more quickly.



Model Capacity Tank Capacity Mixing Weight Main Power Auxiliary Power Machine Size Machine Weight
CL-MM100 - 35~70L 40kg 7.5HP‧4P 10HPx1 1600x800x1400mm 900kg
CL-MM200 - 70~140L 80kg 10HP‧4P 10HPx1 1700x900x1500mm 1000kg
CL-MM400 - 150~300L 150kg 15HP‧4P 10HPx1 1850x1050x1600mm 1200kg
CL-MM600 - 200~400L 240kg 20HP‧4P 10HPx1 2050x1300x1750mm 1500kg
CL-MM1000 - 350~700L 360kg 25HP‧4P 10HPx2 2450x1600x1900mm 2500kg
CL-MM1500 - 600~1000L 540kg 30HP‧4P 10HPx2 2600x1800x2000mm 3000kg
CL-MM2000 - 800~1400L 720kg 40HP‧4P 10HPx2 2800x1900x2100mm 4000kg
CL-MM2500 - 1400~1600L 870kg 50HP‧4P 10HPx2 3000x2100x2200mm 4500kg
CL-MM3000 - 1400~2100L 1080kg 60HP‧4P 10HPx2 3500x2100x2200mm 4500kg
CL-MM4000 - 2000~2800L 1500kg 60HP‧4P 10HPx2 3550x2150x2200mm 4550kg